Shannon’s Top 5 ‘Must Have’ Supplements for General Health

1 - Multivitamin

A great quality multivitamin with therapeutic levels of vitamins & minerals is an essential ‘gap filler’ for busy, stressed people or those with poor nutritional intakes. B vitamins are essential for deriving energy from carbohydrates and are not stored in the human body, meaning that you must obtain them daily from food. While I certainly don’t advocate taking a supplement instead of eating well, a good multi with put back in what stress, alcohol, bad foods and many other lifestyle variants take away.


2 - Hi Potency Liquid Fish Oil (molecularly distilled):

Incredible for most parts of your body inc, cardiovascular, endocrine, neuro-muscular and integumentary systems, plus the brain. Great anti-inflammatory for acute conditions & much better than swallowing over 10 capsules for the equivalent dose. Very important in re-balancing omega 6:3 Essential Fatty Acid ratios in those consuming high grain diets (90% of the population).


3 - Probiotics:

83% of your immunity is ‘Gut Mediated’,meaning that the integrity & proper functioning of your gastrointestinal system is paramount to long term health. Factors such as stress, alcohol, coffee, oral contraceptive pill use and many others, affect your gut microflora and cause significant dysbiosis (poor balance of good & bad bacteria) in the gut. Dysbiosis is a ticking time bomb for your health, & exacerbates hormonal dysfunction, allergy & autoimmunity just to name a few.


4 - Anti-oxidants:

At the base of your health is cellular support. The processes of Oxidation & Glycation are the causation of cellular DNA damage & subsequent cellular changes & mutation.

My Favourite antioxidants / anti-glycators are in no particular order, Vitamins C&E, Resveratrol, Selenium (150mcg +), Coenzyme Q10, & Beta-alanine. I personally take selenium & Beta-alanine daily & use the others intermittently.


5 - Vit D:

What can I say?? 1 in 3 are deficient in Vit D. Along with Selenium this is a ‘must have’ for me. Cheap & effective. Involved in calcium absorption, cellular support, hormone production & a thousand others. Take 1000-4000 iu’s per day depending on your need. I personally recommend having a blood test to check your levels & you should be aiming for a minimum Vit D of 80 pmol/L.

Shannon Brenton
Shannon Brenton


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