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Hey everyone! Alex Ranieri here or "Big Red" as some call me haha. Life to me is all about taking opportunities and looking at situations along the way and seeing how you can turn the negatives into positives. Played sport since I was 3, got hugely overweight peaking at 114kg at 13yrs of age, turned my life around at 18 and progressed into professional Rugby League! Since retiring in 2012 due to a VERY bad run of injuries I now own and run CrossFit Wellbeing and compete in CrossFit as one of the fittest men in Australia/NZ.

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Being heavily overweight gave me depression and a huge lack in confidence. Something sparked inside me and the change happened. From age 14 until now I have been constantly working to be the best I can be, with many challenges along the way. Biggest of those was suffering 4 knee reconstructions, 2 shoulder reconstructions, an elbow operation, fractured cheeks and a broken jaw needing surgery (no food for 12wks wired shut, I know right! p.s. that's not how I lost weight haha) ending my rugby league career whilst sad was a chance to change my direction in life and seek what I am truly passionate about - finding the spark inside others and helping create a better way of life for those who have endured the same physical and emotional battles I have, and are still fighting those battles! I started CrossFit Wellbeing early in 2012 with the vision of how I feel a health and fitness community should be - a family environment that, through teamwork and support, inspires the best out of all of us as individuals. I love what I do - helping people any way I can and it has never felt like a job for me. Seeing those around me break free from struggle and pave their new life inspires me which is why I love competing in CrossFit, leading by example for my peers ranked as one of the fittest men in the country despite what I have been through. I also have a great support group in PSE, Vitamin King, Fit and Fresh Australia, Herbs Of Gold, Athletics 8 and Rocktape which has kept me on podiums in many CrossFit comps I have been in and the number 1 ranked male on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.


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