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Cell Charge is the missing link in health supplementation and sports nutrition, where people are relying upon the cellular bioavailability of nutrients from food and food supplements!



 Click the video below to see Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath Shannon Brenton
and Obstacle Racing legend and Search4Hurt Start Matt Murphy discuss their favourite product: Cell Charge



Cell Charge comes with a 120 Day Money Back Guarantee with NO BS! That's right, if after 4 months you're not convinced, return your empty bottle for your money back. No hard feelings, we promise!



CELL CHARGE represents the missing link in human nutrition. Poor soil quality, less than optimal food choices and the stress of daily life is robbing Australian people of the micronutrients necessary for optimal cellular health. At just a few drops a day, CELL CHARGE is the most potent organically sourced / plant based mineral product on the Australian market.


Key Benefits 


Feel and look amazing 

Cell charge will revitalise every cell in your body, literally providing a constant ‘trickle charge’ of energy to your cells. Trace minerals are involved with virtually every organ and cell function in the body. A lack of even one of these trace elements can cause you to feel sluggish and run down for no apparent reason.

Stimulate metabolism 

The stimulation of cellular energy increases our resting energy expenditure, hence the reason many people note a normalisation of their weight after moderate term use of Cell Charge, despite no change to their diets or lifestyle.

A more restful and sound sleep 

Trace minerals aid in the balance and function of our glands, especially the adrenal glands.  Balanced adrenals make better sleep quality possible.

Clearer mind and brain function 

The brain and its cells require 12 times more oxygen than other body cells. Each mineral or trace element carries a unique frequency of bio-electrical energy as required for cell function.

More balanced appetite

Cell Charge will increase the absorption of nutrients from food and supplements - the more nutrients absorbed from each meal, the more balanced will be the appetite. If you’re always hungry despite eating volumes of food, you are more than likely deficient in one or more minerals or trace elements.

Better absorption of nutrients from food and supplements

Since your body makes no minerals, one must rely on a viable source to supplement today's mineral deficient foods. It does little good taking vitamins, if you lack certain trace elements or minerals that are required to utilise and absorb them.

Aid immunity 

Fulvic mineral concentrates aid immunity by stopping viruses from attaching to the cell membrane. A favourite therefore in people suffering the long-term effects of herpes virus, glandular fever, influenza, HIV and many others.

Powerful electrolytes 

Cell charge supplies a full array of electrolytes, making it a must in all facets of training and exercise.

Fight the aging process 

Cell charge is a potent antioxidant, protecting your cells from the oxidative damage that occurs on a daily basis. Stress, hard training, and poor nutrition all lead to the production of free radicals that inevitably lead to cellular demise.

Organic Plant Origin

Only true plant origin minerals can be water extracted as our Fulvic minerals are - no other ingredients or additives are used.

Remove Body Toxins 

Cell Charge chelates (binds to) body toxins, aiding the mobilisation and removal of these harmful substances.

Trace Minerals 

Supplies full spectrum of trace minerals that poor diet, inadequate soils, stress and many others factors rob us of.


“Regardless of what else you take, or how quickly it is metabolised into the bloodstream, it's all irrelevant unless it's made bioavailable at the cell level.”
Shannon Brenton - Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath


      • CELL CHARGE is a 100% Natural, Organic Plant based Mineral concentrate supplying 77 highly absorbable trace minerals, 38 electrolytes & 18 amino acids, bound (chelated) to the highest concentration of fulvic acid found anywhere in the world. We guarantee a fulvic acid potency ranging from 15%-22%

      • Cell Charge replaces the delicate mineral balance that we once were capable of getting from our food. There is not a cellular or enzymatic reaction in the human body that doesn’t require minerals. Minerals are literally the catalysts that allow these reactions to occur, therefore a low mineral status results in poor cellular function & enzyme production.

      • There are numerous reasons.

        - Soil depletion

        - Poor dietary habits (alcohol, pasteurised dairy foods, carbonated beverages, high sugar intake etc)

        - High intake of pharmaceutical drugs (antacids, antibiotics, laxatives, contraceptives, chemo drugs etc)

        - High stress levels

        - Digestive disorders (Inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, Leaky Gut syndrome, GORD/reflux etc)


Can’t I just eat more fruit & vegetables?

Unfortunately not! Mineral deficiency is not a source of controversy these days & has been extremely well documented right back to the 1930’s. The alarming fact is that food being grown on millions of acres of land that no longer contains enough minerals, is literally starving us no matter how much of it we eat. According to recent research, current mineral content available to forest & agricultural root systems is down 25-40%. As a result food is not capable of supplying us what it did our grandparents, and our health is suffering as a result. Fertilizers containing Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium (NPK) as used by farmers to replenish topsoils may be enough to grow produce that looks healthy, but is completely void of trace minerals. At just a few drops per day, Cell Charge is literally the missing link in your supplement arsenal.


Does it have any side effects?

Cell Charge is safe & effective for all people. Any overly sensitive person should start on a half serve of Cell Charge to assess tolerance, although intolerance is extremely rare. Be mindful though that minerals will aid in the cellular utilisation of everything you take. Many people do report more heightened actions of other supplements & medications once taking Cell Charge, so this should be considered when you first start using it.


Hydrometer Test

Light Bulb Test


Serving Chart and Nutritional Facts: Click here

Who should be using it

Everyone you know. In particular though:

  • Endurance athletes who push their bodies hard on a daily basis, and require the best in oxidative, metabolic and endocrine support
  • High performance athletes and bodybuilders who are looking to increase nutrient uptake at the cellular level. 

As well as people dealing with symptoms of....

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Immunocompromisation
  • Mineral deficiency
  • Toxic overload, including heavy metal toxicity
  • Adrenal insufficiency
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Poor nutrient assimilation
  • Significant oxidative stress
  • Muscle cramps and spasms just to name a few. (See product specs and videos for more info)
  • Viral/post viral load (CFS, herpes symptoms, influenza, HIV)


Click here to view the Serving Chart and List of Ingredients


    1 drop per 10kg of bodyweight, once daily in water, juice or a protein shake.
    PSE suggests an initial loading phase of twice daily for 4 weeks.

    Combines well with

    Cell Charge is an everyday product that will combine well with all the PSE products.
    Everything, anything and nothing!! Get on it...

    Here's what our customer have to say:

    "Cell Charge is the best supplement I've ever used; I constantly perform better, have less injury &
    just feel great"

    "Cell Charge makes all my other supplements work better"

    "I suffer from adrenal fatigue. Clean eating & exercise wasn't enough. I started taking Cell Charge
    6 months ago & it really is a miracle worker. I am finally starting to sleep better & make progress with
    my weight. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you PSE."

    "At 4 months supply per bottle, Cell Charge is the best value Supplement I have ever used"

    "Following Chemotherapy treatment, I was left exhausted & incapable of the most basic of tasks.
    Cell Charge got me going again. Literally!"

    "After wrecking my body with years of yo-yo dieting, Cell Charge has helped me regain my life
    again. Thanks PSE for a terrific product"

    "Cramps are a thing of the past since I started taking Cell Charge; I used to take 3 things for
    exercise related cramps, now I only take 1"

    “I was introduced to PSE Cell Charge after battling glandular fever for 3 months. Within 2 weeks I
    regained all my strength & was able to function again”

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