Metabol-X® 35000

Metabol-X® is revolutionising the way Australian people view & deal with weight issues..


Weight issues. Diets. Fat loss. Pills. Fat burners. Calorie counting. Shakes, detox days, Potions and punishments….

The weight loss industry is one of the biggest in the world and ironically our society is getting bigger and unhealthier as each day ticks away.

When you speak to someone about weight issues and struggles the conversations seem to have a similar sort of story line. The result often with the person saying things like “I’ve tried every diet you can image”, “I’ve always struggled with weight loss” or “I look at cheese cake and put on weight”.

Sound familiar?

Lets break it down a little further.

What about all the underling issues that we shrug off because we are busy, have kids, we are stressed from work and all the other things that are invisible complaints in a very busy and time poor society?

  • Allergies?
  • Cravings?
  • Digestive issues or complaints?
  • Low thyroid?
  • Headaches?
  • Fatigue?
  • Blood sugar problems?
  • Insulin resistance?

If you have some or all of the above then you need to have a little more than a generic 1300 calorie a day diet thrown your way.

It is amazing how much people suppress issues and complaints that are going on in the body. Not one day passes without a client or someone saying to me “I'll worry about it when I have more time” or “it will be fine” or a favourite one “Ill worry about it when I get sick”…

So, we ignore the body trying to tell us what it needs us to do - to honour and nurture it and then…. we get frustrated and defeated as we go on diet after diet. Frustratingly the weight creeps on and our health, wellbeing and body slowly decline.

All those underlying issues is your body talking to you and trying to tell you something. In short – address those issues and the outside shell of the human body will also respond and you will be surprised at the weight loss that may follow.

Metabol-X 35000 is an 8-phase weight management formula not a product we market to you just as a fat burner. There are multi phases to the product to address the multiple and complex area of weight concern and issues. There is also 14 years of research and development behind it.

It is not a magic pill.

It is not loaded with stimulants to keep you going.

It is not going to promise you to drop 6 dress sizes in 4 weeks or anything ridiculous like that either.

It doesn’t promise a short term resolution to what is a complex and long term issue.

It will however help address all those underlying issues mentioned above and start to stabilize the body to help assist in weight management. When you have a body that is functioning better internally the external will obviously change for the positive.



8 Phase/Multi-action weight management formula


Key Features:

Green Tea
Clinically active dose of Green Tea extract as necessary for increased thermogenesis & fat loss.

(Green Coffee Bean) Clinically researched chlorogenic acid extract as seen on Dr oz!

Standardised Rhodiola Rosea. Terrific adrenal adaptogen useful during periods of high stress & fatigue.

Atractylodes, Bupleurum, Capsicum annuum, Magnolia officinalis and Citrus 
Head to toe health starts in the middle! Metabol-X® 35000 liver & digestive support.

Cinnamomum & Gymnema
The sugar destroyers. Great for blood glucose stabilisation & sugar cravings.

Selenium, Zinc & Iodine 
Optimal levels of key minerals for thyroid hormone production. Selenium & zinc deficiency are rife in Australia.

Involved in energy production & hundreds of other cellular processes. Up to 80% of Australians are currently magnesium deficient. 
Metabol-X® 35000 provides full therapeutic dosage of magnesium.

Vitamin D 
Vital for bone health, controlling inflammation, moods, suppression of hunger & calcium absorption. Studies have revealed that low calcium levels lead to weight gain.



The real reasons you’re not losing weight 

Everyone knows that exercise & a reduction in calorie intake are the first steps to take in losing weight right? We won’t bore you with the speel again, or try to make you feel silly for not implementing the necessary changes. We aren’t here to point out the obvious.

What if though, there are a number of other factors that are stopping you from feeling your best? What if these factors are enough to cease all your results regardless of how much exercise you do?

Factors including:

  • Chronic, long term inflammation
  • Underlying hormonal imbalance. Did you know that there are hormones you have probably never even heard of that may not be doing their part in helping you achieve great weight loss results?
  • Moderate long term fatigue states
  • Insomnia
  • Uncontrollable appetite (yes this can be fixed!)
  • Insulin resistance
  • Depression & other alterations in mood 

All of these can make you fat, regardless of whether you exercise. Any sound familiar?

Metabol-X®  35000 will combine with the Metabol-X® advanced weight management system available soon.
This system will revolutionise the way Australian people view & deal with weight issues.




Take 2 tablets twice daily with breakfast & dinner. PSE suggest starting with a half dose for the first 7 days before taking the recommended full dose.
Metabol-X® 35000 is a very strong formula, and may cause a loose bowel after the initial two or three doses. This is a normal metabolic/detoxification response & will subside very quickly.



Who should use Metabol-X® 35000

Any person with a need or desire to normalise their body weight, who also complains of two or more of the following.

  • Fatigue 
  • Poor thyroid function or symptoms related to, including: constipation, fatigue, inability to lose weight with conventional diet & exercise, dry skin, low body temperature or coldness, or easily falling hair. 
  • Recent or prolonged stress exposure. 
  • Poor gastrointestinal / liver function including bloating, indigestion, nausea, morning fatigue & low appetite. 
  • Poor blood sugar control. Symptoms include hypoglycaemia, insulin resistance & polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in women. 
  • Elevated liver enzymes, fatty liver or elevated blood cholesterol levels.


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